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Emerging Adults Program (E.A.P.)

The emerging adult's program is a career resource program designed for young adults between the ages of 14-18 years old. This program focuses on young adults who are transitioning into the employment world. Through group sessions, workshops, and activities we explore how to find employment, career options, and career resources. 


Emerging Employees

We provide program skills to assess participants readiness for employment. Taking participants on a high overview of employee branding, college awareness, and onboarding process.

Job Searching

We help students with job searching skills, application guidance, and employment exploration.

Career Exploration 

Helps participants explore different career options. This includes career day and mentoring.

Mock Interviews

Mock interviews will be held on a as needed basis. We will walk participants through all forms of interviews. We prepare them for challenging questions and how to  answer them. 


Helps participants understand career resources and goals with activities and group sessions. Group sessions will vary from topic to topic based on the Madeit! Foundation curriculum.  

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If you would like to join our program or have our EAP program offered at your local school please feel free to reach out to Madeit! Foundation. 

If you are an expert in a certain field please reach out to Madeit foundation to see how you can help. 

Young adults are often neglected and ignored when it comes to employee readiness  programs. We provide valuable lessons which can be applied for the most basic jobs to senior level. 

The EAP program is a more condensed approach to make sure participants are engaged and involved in the process of finding a successful career path.