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 MadeIt! Foundation's Mission

MadeIt! Foundation’s mission is to provide wellness & employment assistance to underemployed, at-risk or low-income individuals in the Greater Baltimore Area.

MadeIt! Foundation's Vision

It's MadeIt! Foundation’s vision to help create a world where everyone has an equal opportunity to secure sustainable employment, obtain the skill set and wellness necessary to pursue a career of their choosing and are knowledgeable about options and possess the support systems needed to access them.

tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code

Madeit! Foundation Ambassador Program

μτΔ - Mu Tau Delta

Looking to make a difference in Baltimore while gaining real-world career experience you can add to your resume? Madeit! is the program for you. No other program in Baltimore will provide you with workforce skills and the opportunity to impact thousands of underserved individuals and communities around the world. 

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